The Complete Illustrated Guide to Astrology
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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Astrology

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The twelve Sun signs are just the beginning of Western astrology. In combination with planet and star interactions they reveal the inborn complexities of our characters. Astrology can provide an accurate insight into the complexities of human character and the world at large. It is an art, a science, a grand geometry and a doorway to the future.Comprehensive, practical and authoritative, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Astrology shows how this millenia-old divination system can help with every aspect of life, shows how to change ourselves for the better and, most importantly, shows us how to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Author Janis Huntley explains:
-- the history and principles of astrology
-- an analysis of the sun sign characteristics
-- how to construct a birth chart
-- comprehensive explanations of the sun groupings, planets, houses and aspects
-- sample analysis and birth charts.

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