The Forgotten Art of Happiness
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The Forgotten Art of Happiness

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  • ISBN 9781689346290
“Ali Zakaria provides advice that is both simple and wise, both rigorous and practical. Read the book, apply its lessons, and enjoy higher levels of fulfillment and happiness”Tal Ben-ShaharThe best-selling author of Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment and lecturer on positive psychology at Harvard University."This book is not some lightweight personal development book about happiness, it is a down-to-earth and practical guide to happiness that includes specific tactics and strategies to help you improve your overall happiness"Eric EdmeadesSerial Entrepreneur, International Business Speaker, and Author."Great, authentic book that's full of practical ideas. The fact that all ideas are tested by the author means that you too can do it to enjoy a happier life." Mohamed Tohami,Chief Dreamer and Founder, the Passion PointThey say there is scientific proof that happiness is simply a choice you can make. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.As you will discover throughout the course of this book, happiness is more than a mere decision. It’s taking life one step a time, adjusting your mindset and your choices as you travel through life’s journey.More than that, you can never really be happy if you don’t answer those questions that you constantly avoid.Why should I be happy?How can I forgive myself?What about the negative influences that surround me?Judge, author and founder of “A Space To Be” Ali Zakaria, has organized innumerable workshops and group discussions that have helped countless people discover who they really are…and now it’s YOUR turn.Why Are You Still Postponing Happiness?Click ‘Add To Cart’, Give This Book A Thorough Read & Become Your Own Beacon Of Happiness!

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