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Believe Build Become
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Believe Build Become

LE 425.00

Want to be your own boss? Or want to be THE boss? Start here. Believe Build Become is a hands-on manual designed to help any woman develop the skills and mindset she needs to become a successful leader. Based on the AllBright Academy courses created by entrepreneur Debbie Wosskow (OBE, Founder of Love Home Swap) and leading businesswoman Anna Jones (former CEO of Hearst), Believe Build Become offers a chapter-by-chapter system for readers to work through, focusing on the skills and confidence required to master the mindset of leadership. Debbie and Anna also reveal their own journeys to success—the gritty reality, the lessons learned and how they really got to the top. This is an inspirational, practical, and accessible guide to becoming the boss you want to be.

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