The one safe place
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The one safe place

LE 220.00
  • دار النشر Diwan
  • النوع Book
  • ISBN 9781780622385

Set in a nearish future when the world is considerably hotter, and the gulf immense between the technology-owning rich and the technology-lacking poor, The One Safe Place follows a boy, Devin, who has been brought up by his grandfather on a small pocket of fertile land, until his grandfather’s death forces him to leave. Arriving in the city, Devin joins the other orphaned street kids, and befriends a fierce, independent girl called Kit – an expert scavenger. A rumour circulates that, somewhere, there is a place where needy children can play all day and never suffer. According to Kit, ‘it’s all just fairy tales’, but then Devin meets a mysterious older boy called Roman who says he can take them there … So begins a chilling adventure which sees Devin uncover the dark secrets that underlie the apparent utopia of the Gabriel H. Penn Home for Abandoned Children.

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